Collaborating with Junior

A recent update of my webcomic Cooties called for a stampede of alien creatures: 2015-05-26I contemplated a few options for the double-page spread; did I want to borrow from some science fiction movies and have some Easter Eggs? Use characters from other webcomics as shout-outs to my friends? I decided the best option would be to take a look through my 15-year-old son Nate’s drawings, and pick some from his artwork. He is definitely my son; he draws constantly, and I am always amazed at his creativity. I thought this would also be a good opportunity to share his work with you all as well! Here are his original drawings from which I stole was inspired, along with some others that gave me a chuckle. Enjoy!


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Fan Art Friday – Daredevil Princess

I’m part of a Facebook group of comic creators, and a bunch of us are devoting some time over the next few weeks to do our own interpretation of each others’ characters. I did a quick drawing of Keith Smith’s character Princess from his cute little comic Tiny Tots:


Also, I’ve recently discovered the Marvel Unlimited app, which has a great deal of their comic backlog. I’ve started picking up from when I stopped collecting comics back in the late 90s, and have been having a blast doing so. I figured a good use of my time would be to find a character pose or interesting drawing element when I read that I can put in my own sketchbook. Here are a couple first attempts:

Daredevil & Molten Man
daredevil MoltenMan

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Cooties – “Infestation” part 297


friends & boogers…New Cooties page is up.


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Throwback Thursday: Impossible mission


An old comic from college in 2000; due to the fact that I’ve got Mission:Impossible on the brain lately, thanks to the MI5 trailer…

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Webcomics Wednesday: Rock & Tin


One of the best things about social media for online artists like myself is the chance to meet and network with other creators. Finding work that inspires me is half the fun of what I do, so if I can give back a little by sharing their work with others, I want to make time do do so.

I’ve followed Tom Dell’Aringa’s work for a while; his comic Marooned was a fun take on a Mission to Mars adventure, and his new comic Rock & Tin is a great mix of science fiction and fantasy. I don’t think I’ve ever read a story about robot wizards before!


The main characters are Mechmagus, leader of a band of robots on an abandoned mining planet, and Peto, a stone golem trying to overcome his programmed nature. Mechmagus’ evil brother wants to use the remaining robots on the planet for his own selfish purposes, and he is winning the war. It deals with themes of free will and ego, and is quite different from most other comics out there.

The artwork is simple at first glance, but Tom is great at doing a lot with a little. The characters are distinctive, he can put a page together with great flow and pacing, and Rock & Tin has some of the prettiest grayscale landscapes I’ve seen in any comic! I think Tom is creating something pretty special with it. Give it a look!

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Cooties catch-up


Cooties is ramping up to the final conflict and climax of Episode 1, and I’m also getting ready to have a few more print issues ready to sell at Salt Lake Comic Con in September! I’ll keep you posted as to when they’re available; for  now, issue #1 is still available on IndyPlanet as a print edition, or digital download.


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I’m on Patreon!


Patreon is a great way for fans to support artists and creators that they like. You can find out more on my own Patreon page, but in short, you can make a donation per comic that I create, and even set a monthly cap. If you enjoy my work, I’d ask that you consider donating, even if it’s just $1 a month. There will be patron-exclusive content, and you’ll get a warm fuzzy feeling for helping to fund the creation of Cooties. Go take a look!

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