Hacking insults


Sort of published in the Davis County Clipper on Feb 14

The driver card and in-state tuition bills passed in the Utah house this week likely won’t become law, but, of course, draw cries of racism more than dialogue.

Interestingly enough, LDS church officials have issued a call for more compassion by state lawmakers when dealing with immigration law. This could be interpreted by a call for more open borders, or authorities looking the other way in certain circumstances. My idea of compassion? Giving coyotes and drug dealers less opportunities to deal in human trafficking and slavery (less people crossing a protected border is bad for business); giving corrupt employers less incentive to exploit illegal workers; and letting fewer violent criminals into our country. But what do I know?

The real story, of course, is how the Clipper has again edited one of my toons, but this time the whole meaning has been lost by the change:


Well, I don’t get upset as long as I get paid for it. I know, you’re surprised to know that an editorial cartoonist can also be a hack…


About Nick Perkins

Insurance drone by day, cartoonist by night.
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