Cooties – “Infestation” part 116…and a semi-annoucement

Just read it…because DUDE.

I’m concocting a plan which will hopefully enable me to update the blog with a new toon EVERY WEEKDAY. Yeah, I know, 2 jobs, 3 kids, a wife, bla bla bla. When am I going to find the time to toon more? And if I can toon more, why don’t I just make more Cooties strips and finish this story up? I’m glad you asked. Yes, you did, I promise.

Anyhoo, while Cooties is fun to do and I’m still excited to be its daddy, I think it needs a sibling. Since it’s a straight-on story that I’ve been doing for (whoa!) almost 2 years now, there are a lot of other cartoon ideas that have just built up in my head, but I can’t use on Cooties. Therefore, I’ve decided to start up a second strip in the vein of my old beloved Ag-gravation. Something I can do a couple times a week that doesn’t demand the kind of time that Cooties does. The plan as it stands is to post them on Mondays and Thursdays, my Clipper toon on Wednesdays, and Cooties on Tuesdays and Fridays. That may all change later, but as of now it’s something I am committed to, and they say writing things down is just a good way to help accomplish a goal you’ve set. Blogging counts as that, in my ‘pinion.

I want to be a cartoonist; if something good comes my way because of it, so be it. I won’t be disappointed if all it ends up as is merely a hobby, though. I’m going to do it, and I need to step it up.

I still haven’t thought of a name for the new strip yet. What’s a good name for a comic strip about fatherhood, politics, culture, geekitude, and being a child of the ’80s? Yeah, I dunno either. I’m gonna build up a nice buffer of about 20-30 strips in the meantime while I think about it, and start the whole thing up after Memorial Day.


About Nick Perkins

Insurance drone by day, cartoonist by night.
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3 Responses to Cooties – “Infestation” part 116…and a semi-annoucement

  1. Travis says:

    Just a thought on the title of your new strip. I haven’t done any research on the title, so it might already be taken, but I just couldn’t help but thing of this, especially when you mentioned the 80’s. My suggested title is “One Hit Wonder.”

  2. cartoonista says:

    That’s kind of in the ball park of what I’m looking for…

    I’m also leaning towards something that, when Googled, won’t bring a million other pages before mine; a phrase that is completely unique.

    Thanks for the suggestion, Travis!

  3. Travis says:

    It actually originated from a TV show idea that I had. That was all about a One Hit Wonder from the 80’s who was trying to live through fatherhood and a “normal” life. But still had his head wrapped around his days of glory.

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing what you put out.

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