Cooties – “Infestation” part 118

Better run, squirrel!

This strip is still in glorious black & white due to something other than me being lazy for once. I was sitting in front of my computer yesterday in the early morning hours coloring it, and the power went off in the whole county. So not only did I lose the work I’d already done (Save, Nick, Save!), but I couldn’t even upload it until today. Muy frustrating! Not only that, I had to shower by the light of a flashlight on the bathroom counter that didn’t have batteries; it was one of those that you have to crank for it to work. I had to furiously scrub myself as the light steadily dimmed so I could get out before it was totally dark. So a fun morning, yeah.


About Nick Perkins

Insurance drone by day, cartoonist by night.
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