I am Iron Fan

So yeah, going to see Iron Man on Friday was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made recently. Opening nights at geek movies are the most fun times at the theater. People recognize the little Easter Eggs and cheer and clap at the right times. It’s my favorite way to really experience a movie, and Iron Man did not disappoint.

After seeing the trailers, I wasn’t really sure I wanted to see it, but the reviews from sources I trust all came back as fantastic, so I went with some family members and a friend to check it out. Robert Downey Jr. was a good choice to play a character who is, basically, a huge jerk who is forced to clean up a mess created by his own actions. I don’t think the story did a great job showing how he came to his change of heart, but Downey’s characterization of Tony Stark more than made up for any script glitches. The best scenes came from Stark designing, building, and testing the Iron Man armor. He goes through such painful, hilarious hell using himself as a human guinea pig, that when he finally suits up to go to work, he’s earned the right to his superhero title.

I cannot recommend this movie enough for superhero/action fans. Not only that, but I’m also hearing that Robert Downey Jr. and a certain character who appears after the end credits both have cameos in The Incredible Hulk movie that comes out next month; the two scenes hint that there’s an Avengers movie in the works as well. And it’s already been confirmed that Iron Man 2 is set for a 2010 release. Geek heaven, here I come!


About Nick Perkins

Insurance drone by day, cartoonist by night.
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