Classic Cartoonista – Latter-Day tooning

Theric Jepson over at A Motley Vision has put together a very detailed and insightful article about Mormon comic artists. His definition of “comics” is drawn from Scott McCloud, an authoritative source according to anyone serious about making/studying the art form. His definition is a bit broad, as you can see from where he starts out with the works of Carl Christian Anton Christensen and Minerva Teichert. Their “juxtaposed pictoral images in deliberate sequence” arguably fit the concept of comic art.

I had fun with the section dealing with more mainstream comic book artists, like Sal Velluto and Mike Allred; and the newspaper biz guys like Brian Crane and Pat Bagley. But what got me all giddy was his section on webcomics, where I was given a passing mention along with Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary, one of my favorite online reads.

Just having my name mentioned in the same page as these great creators is quite an honor for me. Kinda makes me feel like I’m not just wasting my time with all this cartooning stuff.


Tomorrow is my 10th wedding anniversary, so I’m posting this a day early so I can spend tomorrow with my fantastic, supportive, and adorable wife. See ya on Tuesday, peeps.


About Nick Perkins

Insurance drone by day, cartoonist by night.
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One Response to Classic Cartoonista – Latter-Day tooning

  1. thmazing says:


    In the process of self-googlery I found this page and haha! I love this strip. I need to swing by you more often.

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