Previously published in the Davis County Clipper on Sep 4

Palinmania has yet to let up. The latest kerfluffle? Obama’s “you can put lipstick on a pig” comment. Unlike pretty much every other conservative pundit, I don’t believe Obama had Palin herself in mind when he said it, although his audience sure took it that way and applauded. Although if he didn’t mean it, he’s just an idiot for it not to even cross his mind before he said it.


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Insurance drone by day, cartoonist by night.
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2 Responses to McWho?

  1. Eric says:

    Nick, you nailed ’em on the head with this one. A fickle bunch, that Eagle Forum (singing: secret combinations, they’re abominations…)

  2. cartoonista says:

    I’m still holding off on an all-out Palinmania case of my own. I wanna see her media interview and the debate with Biden. I’m confident she can handle herself off the telepropmter (unlike Obama), but she’s gotta show me the money.

    I do love the fact that Obama’s pretty much campaigning against her more than against McCain…

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