Classic Cartoonista – On the Ball (and announcements)

I have been on fire lately with the comicking! Cooties has been updating on time all month and is looking really good. I am on track to do some really good things with it this year (barring a depression or something) and it’s just all-around exciting. I’ve been doing a number of things to increase my readership, which will necessitate a slight change to how things are done on the blog here.

See, I want the blog to be a sort of a hub for all of my cartooning activity; Cooties, Dadmocracy, my Clipper toons and other things can all be seen here without having to go to their respective sites. However, those other sites are where my pageviews really count, because that’s where my ad revenue comes from. So I’ve come up with something that will hopefully increase traffic to the other sites, while still satisfying those who’d rather stay here for their one-stop shopping.

From now on, I will not put a cartoon here until a day or so after it updates on its respective site. If you really need your Cooties or Dad fix, you can go there on its update day; if you’d rather stay here, you’ll still get them, just a bit later (except the Clipper toons, those will actually be earlier!) Here’s how El Cartoonista’s schedule will henceforth work:

Monday – Classic Cartoonista! Get a blast from the past.
TuesdayDadmocracy will now update on Mondays and be posted here the next day (starting next week).
WednesdayCooties, from the previous day.
Thursday – a random goodie; guest art I’ve done for someone else, a sketch, a movie or book review, who knows?
Friday – my weekly cartoon from the Davis County Clipper newspaper, the day after appearing in print.
Saturday – Cooties from the previous day.

Yep, that’s right. I’m now updating SIX days a week. Because I love you all. Have a good one, everyone!


About Nick Perkins

Insurance drone by day, cartoonist by night.
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