Sketching it out

footballI recently joined a drawing group called Sketch Out, where we do not too time-consuming exercises to help us beef up our drawing skills. The first exercise was Characters in Motion, and in honor of this last weekend being the NFL Draft, I drew some good gridiron action, fleshing it out with Jake from my Cooties strip diving for a touchdown. All of my main characters are sporting NFL logos from their favorite teams on their shirts. I tried to match teams up with their personalities (or at least as the teams were when I was young enough to keep up with football):

Jake – Steelers; the unstoppable Steel Curtain
Sam – Eagles; keepin’ it real Philly style
Carmen – 49ers; legendary coolness under pressure
Nate – Bills; optimism despite disappointments
Lori – Dolphins; they’re so cuuuuute!


About Nick Perkins

Insurance drone by day, cartoonist by night.
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One Response to Sketching it out

  1. Kirt says:

    Fascinating! I like it.

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