I am an ordinary bill…burning down the house.

Previously published in the Davis County Clipper on Aug 13

Previously published in the Davis County Clipper on Aug 13

The debate over health care reform is on. Where once dissent against the government was patriotic, now it’s only for those who are un-American, racists, terrorists, racists, anti-Christs, racists, and my favorite, evil-mongers. I think the Congresspeople getting a taste of the ire of the people is healthy, myself, as long as it stays nonviolent.

Anyway, while the health care system is in need of reform, some people think the only way it can be reformed is by having the federal government handle it. Because wow, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the IRS, are functioning fabulously, aren’t they?

Now, I realize there are some problems with the current private system, but doing away with it entirely is not the answer. And that is the plan, in spite of what anyone says to the contrary.

Now, should government be kept entirely out of the picture? I wouldn’t be opposed to something like what Utah Democrat Rep. Jim Matheson suggests, making it state-based (not federal) and only as a last resort for those who cannot afford health insurance.

If my opposition to the current bill seems “fishy” to you, you can always inform on me make your concerns known to the White House by emailing flag@whitehouse.gov. Because I’m sure a thing like snitching on your neighbor to the government has never led to anything bad, right?


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