The Classroom Curses – update

Here’s the mostly-finished first half of my upcoming Halloween short story The Classroom Curses, to be included in the Illopond‘s upcoming spooky anthology book. I have learned so much about compressing my storytelling and preparing images for print right at the start; I’m anxious to take what I’ve learned back to Cooties and get back to making it as good as I can. This project has been so fun and I’ve gotten to work with so many great creative people. I can’t wait for this story to see print!


About Nick Perkins

Insurance drone by day, cartoonist by night.
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4 Responses to The Classroom Curses – update

  1. Th. says:


    This is just over the top enough.

  2. cartoonista says:

    And it gets even crazier.

  3. Love how the kid who can’t see without his glasses is wearing a “Velma-orange” sweater.

  4. cartoonista says:

    Whoa! That must have come from my subconscious…

    Heavy, doc.

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