New Mickey shorts!

Wow, you guys, it’s like Disney woke up one morning and said “Wait a minute. We have the most well-known, beloved character in the history of ever. Maybe we should DO SOMETHING WITH HIM.”

Update: Disney got it taken off YouTube, but you can watch it on their site here.

Apparently there are going to be 19 new Mickey shorts! This made my day. You can read more over at Slashfilm.


About Nick Perkins

Insurance drone by day, cartoonist by night.
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3 Responses to New Mickey shorts!

  1. Eric Larson says:

    Oh, geez, the headline made me think they took him to the Gap for some new cargo pants.

  2. cartoonista says:

    Either way, I’m sure big yellow buttons would be involved…

  3. Travis Grant says:

    I thought it was announcing that Disney was yet again marketing a new clothing line… Whew! I am glad was not the case.

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