Captain America: Civil War review


Wow. I feel like this movie was sprayed into my brain with a fire hose. Every part of this movie is put together extremely well, but it all comes very hard and very fast. So many characters, as well as the introductions of Spider-Man and Black Panther in the MCU, add so much that they kind of take away from the main conflict between Cap & Iron Man. And Cap & Zemo. And Black Panther & Bucky. Everyone’s got well-written motivations, but I think I wish that Civil War was a 13 episode Netflix series that let us stop and enjoy the moments and let it build more slowly.

Captain America still gets a good completion to the arc that began in First Avenger (Steve as a naive kid from Brooklyn who gets super soldier powers), and was strengthened in Winter Soldier (Cap is less naive and more competent). In this movie, we see him become fully confident in who he is and stand strong in the path he has chosen. In the comics, he is the consummate leader, the legend, the rock of the Avengers. In Civil War, we see him finally earn his status, and the completion of this process.

But Spider-Man is still the best thing about this movie, so what does that say? I don’t know, but I am seeing this one again.


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