Salt Lake Comic Con 2016


September 1-3 I got the chance to table again at Salt Lake Comic Con. As introverted as I am, being behind the table makes interacting with people somewhat easier, especially when we get to nerd out together about someone’s awesome costume or talk about art.

For this convention I debuted the first four in a print series that I hope to continue: that is, taking classic children’s book covers and nerding them up a bit. I don’t like the idea of selling prints of straight-up fan art of characters I don’t own (especially since some cons are starting to crack down on copyright infringement); I try to keep my fanart prints in the realm of legality through Fair Use / parody. They got a good response, and this was the first year I actually made a profit instead of pretty much breaking even. I thought they turned out pretty okay!





Also, in one of the cooler things that’s happened to me lately, local news outlet KSL featured Cooties in their article “4 local comic books you should check out.” It was so great to get a shout-out from them; I found out about 2 hours before comic con ended, though, so my hasty marketing for some last-minute sales didn’t quite work out:


Still, I’m thinking it might be worth a shot to shop the book around to some of the local comic shops. While at this point it’s not necessarily my best work, I think I made something pretty special with it.

Anyway, it’s already time to think about how I want to make the next con even better! It’s always a terrific experience.


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Insurance drone by day, cartoonist by night.
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