#Artsnacks – DuckTales


I’ve recently subscribed to Artsnacks – a subscription service that sends you a different mix of art supplies every month, then challenges you to make a piece using them. Wondering what to do with the 5 primary color watercolor pencils I got, and after seeing the teaser for the DuckTales reboot, I scribbled this out. It’s not that great, but it was fun, and I’ve got materials to practice new media & techniques with every month!

Also, I think more than any other animated cartoon, DuckTales has influenced my approach to storytelling profoundly. Most of the cartoons I grew up with (Transformers, TMNT, Thundercats, etc.) all pretty much stuck to the same genre and plot structure. But DuckTales would have an Indiana-Jones style adventure one episode, then switch gears and have everyone time travel back to medeival times, then have superheroes the next episode, then be about a Civil War re-eneactment the next episode. It asked “why would we possibly limit ourselves to one type of story?! Let’s just have fun.” This is the philosophy I intend to adhere to as I take up Cooties again soon.

And yeah, this teaser is literally a tease, but it worked on me…


About Nick Perkins

Insurance drone by day, cartoonist by night.
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