About the artist

Nick Perkins has been drawing and cartooning for most of his life, to the chagrin of many of his math teachers growing up. He first began publishing cartoons in college in Utah State University’s student newspaper, The Utah Statesman (Ag-gravation, 1998-2002). He also wrote and drew political cartoons for The Herald Journal in Logan, Utah (2002-2005) and the Davis County Clipper in Bountiful, Utah (2006-2009). His work has also been published in Sunstone Magazine.

He currently creates the sci-fi webcomic Cooties, as well as other projects occasionally mentioned in this blog. You can contact him at nickperkins (at) gmail.com, or follow him on Twitter.


1 Response to About the artist

  1. Nick it’s great to see you over at the illopond! And thanks for the comments. I know there is so much to digest over at the pond, but one thing I want to emphasize is that more stuff is coming! Besides our Steam Punk project, others are planning to start up a Ghouls Gallery and several other projects have been mentioned. Check out the project chat-house and see if there is anything you might be interested in getting involved with.
    Or, start a subject thread there and see if you might be able to interest others in a project you have in mind. We are all hoping that the Illopond will be a meeting place where creatives with projects in mind can pool their resources and talents and bring life to an actual finished project.
    Great to see ya and keep on Creating!

    Samuel E Kirkman Jr.

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