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Served: a missionary comic anthology

While I am not much of a churchy person anymore, from 1995-1997 I served as a Mormon missionary in the jungles of Guatemala and Belize. I had a ton of memorable experiences, and I get to share an aspect of … Continue reading

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December Ink Week!

Um you guys better freaking believe it’s Guardians of the Galaxy week up in here, a-holes! This is one of the greatest trailers ever. BABY GROOOOOOOT!

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Election 2016 autopsies

So, as much as I didn’t want to see it (I was an Evan McMullin voter), Donald Trump is our new President Elect. I found it interesting that virtually every commentator on every network covering the election results could not … Continue reading

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Captain America: Civil War review

Wow. I feel like this movie was sprayed into my brain with a fire hose. Every part of this movie is put together extremely well, but it all comes very hard and very fast. So many characters, as well as … Continue reading

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice review

Director Zack Snyder can always be counted on for great visuals and action sequences. He mostly delivers in this regard, especially in Batman scenes. Ben Affleck is terrific as the dark knight, and I am anxious to see him in … Continue reading

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My top 10 movies of 2015

Another year has come to an end. And while I am most interested in creating comics, the media I love consuming the most is movies. The good ones are lessons in storytelling, pacing, and character creation that I can incorporate into … Continue reading

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New Mickey shorts!

Wow, you guys, it’s like Disney woke up one morning and said “Wait a minute. We have the most well-known, beloved character in the history of ever. Maybe we should DO SOMETHING WITH HIM.” Update: Disney got it taken off … Continue reading

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