Sketch cards: I hate winter

I think spring needs to come the day after Christmas, but no, we have to wait for 2-3 more months for the cold and depression to beat us down for a while so we can appreciate springtime or something.

Anyway, last week I fought back by drawing some ice and cold-based characters:


Elsa because Duh


Mr. Freeze




Cute lil Jack Frost


And Killer Frost because The Flash is the best comic book show on TV right  now.

Hope you all can stick it out through the rest of winter, unless you live in Hawaii or California because I hate you.

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Freelance Friday: dibujando en espanol


I recently got some semi-steady freelance work illustrating a High School Spanish textbook. Fun stuff!

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Throwback Thursday: Frozen


Previously published in The Utah Statesman in Feb 1999

I still hate winter; although not as much as some people…

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Review: Little Bot and Sparrow


I’ve been a huge fan of Jake Parker for several years. He is a talented illustrator who shares his wisdom freely. He was a presenter at last year’s Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators conference, and I got to see some of his process for creating this great new children’s book, Little Bot and Sparrow.

This is a beautiful book with a humorous and touching story about a robot who befriends a curious little bird. They learn about their similarities and differences, and it actually has kind of a bittersweet ending that teaches kids how to handle goodbyes. The illustrations are gorgeous enough to spend quite a bit of time devouring. I bought a copy for some of my nephews & niece; I hope they have as much fun reading it as I did.

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Sometimes you just draw trees


Just a personal study for fun.

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It won’t stop

So now this sketch card thing has become a mostly daily habit. This is pretty awesome, in my opinion. They’re relatively quick, and I am still finding time for other projects which I’ll post about soon. Here’s my most recent batch:



Wise advice from a former president


a tribute to the late Carrie Fisher


Tiny lil’ Ghost Rider

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Sketch card mania

I’ve been steadily doodling since the new year started, and loving it.I did a few more Gravity Falls character sketch cards:


Dipper Pines!



Grunkle Stan,



and Soos!

And maybe I was just feeling a little murdery today, but here’s a Red Skull with a smoking gun for you, too:


I’ve also been particularly busy with some freelance work. More on that tomorrow, maybe. Later!

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