Freelance Friday: dibujando en espanol


I recently got some semi-steady freelance work illustrating a High School Spanish textbook. Fun stuff!

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Throwback Thursday: Frozen


Previously published in The Utah Statesman in Feb 1999

I still hate winter; although not as much as some people…

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Review: Little Bot and Sparrow


I’ve been a huge fan of Jake Parker for several years. He is a talented illustrator who shares his wisdom freely. He was a presenter at last year’s Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators conference, and I got to see some of his process for creating this great new children’s book, Little Bot and Sparrow.

This is a beautiful book with a humorous and touching story about a robot who befriends a curious little bird. They learn about their similarities and differences, and it actually has kind of a bittersweet ending that teaches kids how to handle goodbyes. The illustrations are gorgeous enough to spend quite a bit of time devouring. I bought a copy for some of my nephews & niece; I hope they have as much fun reading it as I did.

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Sometimes you just draw trees


Just a personal study for fun.

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It won’t stop

So now this sketch card thing has become a mostly daily habit. This is pretty awesome, in my opinion. They’re relatively quick, and I am still finding time for other projects which I’ll post about soon. Here’s my most recent batch:



Wise advice from a former president


a tribute to the late Carrie Fisher


Tiny lil’ Ghost Rider

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Sketch card mania

I’ve been steadily doodling since the new year started, and loving it.I did a few more Gravity Falls character sketch cards:


Dipper Pines!



Grunkle Stan,



and Soos!

And maybe I was just feeling a little murdery today, but here’s a Red Skull with a smoking gun for you, too:


I’ve also been particularly busy with some freelance work. More on that tomorrow, maybe. Later!

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Gravity Falls art: Mabel Pines


My kids and I have finally discovered Gravity Falls. It’s everything I love in a show: humor, mystery, adventure, and a great cast of unforgettable characters. I’ll probably be drawing more of these guys 🙂

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