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Nerdy Storybook Print: No, Deadpool!

I’ve added a new print to my Nerdy Storybook Covers series: This is based on one of my favorite books to read to my sons when they were little, No, David! It might be a little too gruesome, but there … Continue reading

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Sketch card mania

I’ve been steadily doodling since the new year started, and loving it.I did a few more Gravity Falls character sketch cards: Dipper Pines!   Grunkle Stan,   and Soos! And maybe I was just feeling a little murdery today, but … Continue reading

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December Ink Week!

Um you guys better freaking believe it’s Guardians of the Galaxy week up in here, a-holes! This is one of the greatest trailers ever. BABY GROOOOOOOT!

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Doctor Strange ink drawings & review

I was really inspired this month to create these drawings after watching Marvel’s newest superhero movie, Doctor Strange, or as I like to call it, “Iron Man Goes to Hogwarts!” While the story is, by this point, a run-of-the-mill Marvel … Continue reading

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Ink Week Nov 2016 – Doctor Strange

I couldn’t think of a better subject for my first Ink Week than Marvel Studios’ new movie Doctor Strange! Or, if you prefer, Iron Man Goes to Hogwarts.

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Captain America: Civil War review

Wow. I feel like this movie was sprayed into my brain with a fire hose. Every part of this movie is put together extremely well, but it all comes very hard and very fast. So many characters, as well as … Continue reading

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